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High-performance upvc windows and doors outperform the alternatives in thermal ratings. uPVC is a natural insulator, sealing cooled air inside your building structure. Always pushing the boundaries of innovation, KOREX WINDOWS makes the most intelligent use of increasingly scarce raw materials, while delivering window and door designs that perform at the top of industry standards for thermal insulation, sound insulation, and burglary resistance.

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Why Korex?

  • Eco Friendly: Korex windows are 100% lead-free. Korex uses only Ca. Zn stabilizers.
  • European Standards: Our windows are classified as Class B as per EN 12608 which means outer wall thickness is 2.5mm.
  • Artificial weathering test: Korex windows are subjected to impact tests before and after artificial weathering and the reduction in impact strength is noted. They are exposed to 12KJ Xenon light for 6000 hours. After this, they are tested for impact load. In our case, the reduction in impact strength after 6000 hours of exposure was less than 4%.
  • Thermal insulation: frame and sash material is UPVC which is a non-conductive. It cuts the heat. The frame and sash are multi-chamber. This further cuts down the heat. The tight gasket helps prevent leakage between the sealing frame and the shutter gap. Multi-point locking ensures that the shutter and frame are locked and properly sealed.
  • Gasket material: TPE thermoplastic elastomer. These gaskets are weldable and more durable than EPDM. In addition, they can be formulated with different stiffness formulas in different areas of the cross-section. The part that goes into the profile is stiffer so that it cannot be pulled out easily. The outside is soft so that it offers compression and sealing.
  • Tropical Mix: All European and major profile companies in India are supplying Tropical Mix but titanium di-oxide levels vary depending on their interpretation of tropical climatic conditions. Corex is supplying windows and doors with the same profile mix as South America, Australia, Middle East, and India. We are not reducing the TiO2 content for India as there are severe climatic conditions in some parts of India.